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June 11 2016 , Written by claudelguillaume

Most families these these days want their portraits outside, a pristinely sculpted landscape in the background, perfect golden-hour sun dipping below the horizon. But perfect conditions don’t always exist. Sometimes it’s raining. Sometimes it’s winter. And sometimes the family has a newborn. That means we need to go inside. In this article, you’ll read about 11 ways to make your indoor session a desirable reality.


When you’re working inside, you’ll most likely be working in a tight space. On a crop sensor camera, you won’t want a focal length longer than 50mm. Somewhere between 35mm and 50mm should give you the flexibility as well as the compression you’ll want in family photos. A lens wider than 35mm might start to distort faces and edges too much for most families’ tastes. On a full frame sensor, somewhere between 50mm and 85mm should do the job. A 24mm-70mm zoom lens would be perfect for either sensor size. Just consider, though, that a decent prime lens will allow you to open your aperture even wider, which will bring in that much more light, something that’s often hard to come by indoors.

Read More at: http://improvephotography.com/39476/11-tips-indoor-portrait-session/

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